Friday, May 25, 2012


Last night I lost a friend.

Tom Emmons, friend for 31 years, engineer, inventor and colleague passed away. Tom was one of those gifted engineers who could visualize the actual flow of electons and fields. Whether it was a high current PCB layout or the solution to an EMI problem, Tom's work was a true work of art.

Beyond that, Tom was a true friend. Always there, whether it was a technical problem to bounce off him or just getting together to let off steam. Always ready to help, even if it meant flying halfway across the country.

I met Tom at a little starup named CPT back in '81. Since then we worked together at Datacard in the late '80's, Aria Corporation in the mid '90's and just recently on some truly breakthrough aerospace technology. Over countless meetings and lab sessions we hammerd out solutions to a variety of engineering and other problems.

Rest well, friend.

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